About Us

We are Dennis & Joan Boyd
and in our time are proud to have been owned by sixteen Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Zymba, Nelson, Kara, Zola, Sabi, Rifa, Kiya, Africa, Tonka~Tau, Shula
Ava, NuNu, Suki, Keisha, Khana and Karoo

and 'Fizz' a rescue Saluki x Greyhound

plus a German Shepherd Dog
and a Japanese Akita Inu
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back in 1987 we got our first Rhodesian Ridgeback, Zymba, as a female
companion for our speyed three year old German Shepherd bitch, Kirsty.
Although Zymba had no pedigree papers, both her parents were pure Rhodesian Ridgebacks.
She was a wonderful playmate and companion for Kirsty and they had endless fun together
indoors and out.
However, when Zymba had her first season she managed to escape from their daytime back garden
play area by jumping up onto the windowledge, thence onto the dividing wall
and down into the front garden, where she climbed over the front gates and took off down the road
heading into the nearby village. How she was not knocked down on the busy main road
we will never know....
It was this fear of her escaping again, whenever she would next come into season, that persuaded us
to have her speyed midway between seasons.
The time came, arrangements having already been made, and off Joan set with Zymba to the vet.
The operation was completed sucessfully, but tragically, Zymba never came out from the anaesthetic.
She died at the vet's home, where she had been taken when the practice closed for the day,
later that evening.

We were devastated.
We can still recall the quisical expression from her big liquid eyes as she sat beside the vet,
when Joan had left her in, earlier that morning.
We collected Zymba and next day, wrapped in her favourite blanket, she was buried in our
front garden. Kirsty pined for weeks and was lonely.
We felt so guilty - Zymba's last look was one of
"but, why are you leaving me here ?" ... and to this day the memory still haunts us!

We finally decided that, not only for Kirsty's sake but also as a tribute to Zymba, we would try
and get another ridgeback.
Through a work colleague who put us in touch with his sister, Mary O'Carroll
a Club approved breeder, we were persuaded to go and visit her.
Unknown to us at the time, Mary had recently bred a litter.
We were warmly welcomed into her home and we talked at great lengths about the breed.
We discovered that these dogs - like many large breeds - were susceptible to anaesthetics...
Eventually, Mary invited us to come and see the puppies in another part of the house.
As we made our way there, one dog puppy came running towards us. "Oh! he's escaped again" she said.
This little 7 week old 'houdini' made straight for Joan and I and cuddled right up to us.
Not intending to buy a puppy - well, not just yet, we enquired... "we presume he's already spoken for?..."
"Actually no.. he's not"
said Mary.

So that is how, in 1989, that Nelson, Ch. Bwaga of Kilsinroe - named in honour of the
release of Nelson Mandela - came to be our first registered pedigree Rhodesian Ridgeback.
We didn't select a pup - he chose us!

Kirsty was thrilled with her new friend... she taught him all the rules of the house.
When Nelson was old enough to go for longer walks we took him across the fields near us....
but in true GSD fashion, whenever he was tempted to explore any distance from us,
Kirsty would 'round him up' and bring him back to us.
For all his life Nelson always yielded way to the 'girls' of the family!

Nelson has been described as a "pure gentleman"..
"a gentle & kindly dog" who best fits the description... "I'm a lover, not a fighter"

Sadly, on 11th. September 2003, Nelson crossed Rainbow Bridge.
"Our home is not the same without him - but he lives on in our hearts, until we meet again
across Rainbow Bridge."

We registered our SIKULUBANI (c) Kennel Affix in 1995, and bred our first litter in 2000.

We are Life Members of The Irish Kennel Club Ltd.
We are members of The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Ireland
Joan served as Hon. Secretary (1995 ~ 2014) and is now Hon. Treasurer.
We were also members of The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Great Britain,
The Midlands & Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club (UK),
The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Scotland (UK) and
The Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback Association (UK).

We have attended many breed seminars in the U.K. and in conjunction with
the Irish Kennel Club (I.K.C.) co-organized a breed seminar in Ireland.
We have attended breed seminars on Basset hounds, Afghan Hounds, Irish Wolfhounds and Beagles.
Amongst the I.K.C. seminars we have attended are - Construction & Movement, Nutrition and Health
Judging & Stewarding and Stewarding under F.C.I. Rules.

We are both qualified and approved by the I.K.C. to judge the Breed at Championship level.
Joan recently was awarded her Judging Diploma from the Animal Care College (U.K.)
Dennis judged his first Championship Show in October 2006
and regularly stewards at Championship Shows.
We both taught 'ringcraft' handling classes at the IKC showgrounds until we retired to Sligo.

We have successfully campaigned six of our dogs to their Irish Championship titles
Ch. Bwaga of Kilsinroe
Ch Barachelan Zolabaela at Sikulubani
Ch. Sikulubani Sharifa
Ch. Sikulubani Zakiya

and on Dec. 27th. 2010 Sikulubani Tonka~Tau Jnr. Ch.
and, additionally, now two to their International Championship titles .....
Ch. & Intl. Ch. Sofala Sabiki at Sikulubani - Annual Ch. 2003
- the first male Rhodesian Ridgeback in Ireland (and the U.K. )to achieve this.

In November 2010 our home bred
Ch. & Intl. Ch. Sikulubani Tonka~Tau Jnr. Ch.
became our second International Champion
and has the unique honour of being the first Rhodesian Ridgeback to be awarded
the Belgian Kennel Club's newly created Stud Book Breeding Diploma.

Our first 'home bred' UK Champion " Bani " - GB Ch. Sikulubani Sebakwe to Tukela gained his
title at Windsor Championship Show, under judge Lindsey Barnes (Diamondridge) in July 2004
Bani is loved, owned and exhibited by Carina Dunn "CJ" (Tukela)

On the 6th. May 2005, "Rifa" - Ch. Sikulubani Sharifa became our first home bred Irish Champion and exactly
one calendar month later her sister "Kiya" - Ch. Sikulubani Zakiya gained her Irish Championship title also..
making a total of three Champions from our first litter!
Thank you "Zola" and "Gus".

At the Rhodesian Ridgeback World Congress, Ireland 2008
"Kiya" - Ch. Sikulubani Zakiya was awarded Best Veteran
by international breed specialist judge Richard Van Aken (Sth. Africa)

(Sept 2014)
In 2013 we sent our first puppy to America. "Thandi" (Sikulubani Nthanda) joined Ms. Mel Carlin and her Assegai Rhodesian Ridgebacks home in upstate New York.
In September 2014 Thandi (just 17 months of age) gained her AKC title - Am Ch Sikulubani Nthanda for Assegai with her professional handler Ms Joy Barbieri.
We are so thrilled for all concerned. "Thandi means "Star" and she is every bit that. Hugs from your mum & dad, Thandi.

21st September 2019; SRRS Sweden Breed Championship Show
Dennis judged Rhodesian Ridgebacks

July 5th 2009: Sligo & District – Group Championship Show
Joan judged Rhodesian Ridgebacks

22nd. March 2009: Sligo & District open Show
Dennis judged Daschunds, Bassets, Beagles, Dalmation, Rhodesian Ridgebacks,
Afghan, Borzoi, Ir Wolfhound, Whippet followed by Groups 4,6 & 10.

30th August 2008: Joan was very honoured to be be invited to judge the Bitches at
Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Austria's 30th anniversary Championship Show.
The following day at the Leo Ertl Memorial Championship Show (CACA)
she judged the Dogs.

May 5th 2008: Hound Association of Ireland – Group Championship Show
Joan judged Dalmatians, Hamiltonstovare & Beagles

April 12th 2008: Stratford-on-Avon Canine Society (Open Show)
Judged Deerhounds, Whippets, Basenjis, Beagles, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, AVNSC hound
and the Hound Group.

2006: (Oct) All Ireland Bull Breeds Championship Show
Joan judged Finnish Spitz, Norwegian Elkhounds and Whippets.
Her BoB ~ Nor. Elkhound went on to win Best in Show.
2006: (Oct) All Ireland Bull Breeds Championship Show
Dennis judged Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

October 2005: Joan was very honoured to have been invited to judge the dogs at
The Southern Rhodesian Ridgeback Association (Open Show) in England.

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