Sanspeur Boxcar Willie at Sikulubani

(a.k.a. Billy-Bear)

23rd January 1991 ~ 7th. July 2001


Date of Birth: 23rd January 1991
Sire: Redwich First Officer at Jocolda
Dam: Sanspeur Sugarplum
Breeder: Alma Penman (Sanspeur)

Show Ring Successes:
Tsumo hated the show ring, he would sit down and refuse to move -
he made two attempts at a 'come-back' in the next 3 years, but nothing had changed
if anything he had grown more stubborn - so he took early retirement !

He found his niche as favourite 'Uncle' and playmate to Kiya & Rifa.

Tsumo's Photo Album

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