Born in 1986

Kirsty was our first family dog.
Although she was pedigree bred, the litter could not be registered due to discrepancies with
the Sire's paperwork.
But that didn't matter to us, we wanted a family companion and she was every bit that.
A wonderfully loyal and devoted dog, of boundless energy, highly intelligent
and was always ready for a game of play or chase.
She used to accompany Joan on her training road runs and was also extremely fit.

We became aware that Kirsty needed a companion and decided to get her a playmate -
- a Rhodesian Ridgeback. The two were devoted friends and inseparable.
In later years, Kirsty helped train Nelson and later Kara in family matters and ways.
Sadly at 7 years of age she was diagnosed with C.D.R.M. (or Multiple Sclerosis) and there
being no conventional medicine to help, we were referred to a homeopathic vet.

Kirsty was started on a treatment to try and slow the progress of her disease -
one which attacked the nerve linings and would eventually lead to paralysis of the lower spine.
Within twelve months she succumbed to the disease, her dignity gone, she lost the will to go on
and we provided that last kindly act for her.
She was just a week short of her 9th. birthday.
Kirsty was a very special family member and companion and, like all our pets who have crossed
Rainbow Bridge, she is remembered and deeply missed to this day.

Kirsty's Photo Album

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