our introduction to the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed

Zymba & Kirsty

Although both her parents were purebred Rhodesian Ridgebacks the litter was not registered
hence, Zymba had no pedigree papers.
This didn't matter at all to us, she was the perfect playmate and companion for Kirsty and they had
endless fun playing together, indoors and out.
However, when Zymba had her first season she managed to escape from their daytime back garden
play area by jumping up onto the windowledge, thence onto the dividing wall
and down into the front garden, where she climbed over the front gates and took off down the road
heading into the nearby village.
How she was not knocked down on the busy main road we will never know....
It was this fear of being knocked down on the roads should she escape again whenever she would
next come into season, that persuaded us to have her speyed midway between seasons.

The time came, arrangements having already been made, and off Joan set with Zymba to the vet.
The operation was completed sucessfully, but tragically, Zymba never came out from the anaesthetic.
She died at the vet's home later that evening, where she had been taken when the practice closed
for the day.

We were devastated.
We can still recall the quisical expression from her big liquid eyes as she sat by the side of the vet
when Joan had left her in, earlier that morning.
We collected Zymba and next day, wrapped in her special blanket, she was buried in our garden
beneath her favourite tree.
Kirsty pined for weeks and was lonely. We felt so guilty - Zymba's last look was one of
"but, why are you leaving me here ?" ... and to this day that memory still haunts us!

It was by way of tribute to such a wonderful character that we developed our lifelong love
and devotion for this magnificent breed; and so we purchased our first registered pedigree
Rhodesian Ridgeback - "Nelson"... and the rest, as they say, is history!

Zymba and Kirtsy Zymba & Kirtsy

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