Champion Barachelan Zolabaela at Sikulubani


12th. January 1996 ~ 5th. February 2006

with my dad, Nelson

Date of Birth: 12th January 1996
Sire: Ch. Bwaga of Kilsinroe
Dam: Eilack Mystic Meg
H.S.: 14 : 6
Breeder: Mr. Bamber McKay (BARACHELAN)

pedigee My Pedigree


Championship Title - 1998
Best Veteran at The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of G.B. 2003
2 C.A.C.I.B's
1 Reserve C.A.C.I.B
2nd. May 2005 - Rosslare & District Ch Show, Zola won Veteran Class and contested for
the Green Star against her granddaughter, Africa... this time Affi won !
20th. August 2005 - R.R. Club of Ireland Ch Show - 2nd in Veteran Bitch class.


14th.September 2004
- Whilst Zola was sleeping upside down on our settee we noticed a small lump on a mammary
and as it didn't feel correct we took her to the vet next morning.
Under surgery several mass cell tumours were located and it was necessary to remove two of her
mammaries and the adjoining glands and tubes which were subsequently sent off for analysis.

23rd. September 2004
- The biopsy results have come back and Zola has been given a clean bill of health.

25th. December 2004
- 7.30 a.m. Christmas morning and a field full of rabbits in need of chasing in the snow.
Zola ripped open both forelegs through to the bone above her elbows on barbed wire.
Straight back home for some quick first aid then off to the vets where she needed multiple stitches.
She slept most of the day and finally rose to eat a special turkey dinner around 7 p.m.
Wounds fully healed now.

5th. February 2006

It is with unbelievable sadness that we announce our beloved Zola died at 2350hrs Sunday.
Zola's health began to deteriorate about 2200hrs and we rushed her to the emergency vet on call.
By 2330hrs she had been given an injection to stabilise her heart, an x-ray of her stomach
had been done and an intravenous line inserted for a saline solution to combat the build up of
stomach gasses was being prepared.
She preferred to lean up against us both, rather than sit or lie on her deep duvet.
In the 10 minutes it took for the x-ray to be developed I noticed her gums and lips had lost all their
pigmentation and her body was growing increasingly cold.
We gently cradled her onto her duvet and decided the only course of action we could...
before the medication had been completely administered she had calmly slipped away in my arms.

Please say a little prayer for Zola - Ch. Barachelan Zolabaela at Sikulubani
... 10 years, 3 weeks and 3 days young.

Very deeply missed by all the family - until we are all reunited once again....
God Bless, Zola!

In 2000, Zola was mated to GB Ch. Tukela Umgaza at Sofala and produced 11 puppies.

Ir. Ch. Sikulubani Sharifa - "Rifa"
Ir. Ch. Sikulubani Zakiya - "Kiya"
GB Ch. Sikulubani Sebakwe to Tukela - "Bani"

Zola's Puppies: - "Rest of Family"

aged 7 years

Zola's Photo Album

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