Sikulubani Ibura

15th August 2002 ~ 19th November 2009

Zola's Miracle Pup "Ozzi"

Sikulubani Ibuba

Date of Birth: 15th August 2002
Sire: Ch. & Int. Ch. Sofala Sabiki at Sikulubani [An. Ch. 2003]
Dam: Ch. Barachelan Zolabaela at Sikulubani

My Pedigree

The pup who should not have been !!!

In 2002, Zola and her half brother, Sabi, had an unplanned mating and despite
the "morning after jab" 70 days later Ozzi, our singleton puppy, was born.
He was reared in the midst of the other adults, in our living room.
He is 'big, noisy and self opinionated'....
... and is greatly loved and adored by Eileen, Adam and Ben - his family.

In September 2009, Ozzi's appetite completely disappeared and following extensive visits to the vet, a large mass was identified on his spleen.
Following surgery Ozzi made a fast recovery and was soon back to his old boisterous self.
The vet sent tissue samples off for analysis and was quite positive that the entire mass and surrounding tissue area had been sucessfully removed.
The results came back a couple of weeks later - the mass had been cancerous, a particularly agressive form and the prognosis wasn't good.
80% of cases survived less than 6 months and most succumbed to it within a year.

But Ozzi was very happy and enjoyed his daily walks & chases with his family friend, Zak, in the woods and parks.
Suddenly in mid November Ozzi's appetite started to diminish and he quickly lost interest in food and walks.
Eileen started hand feeding Ozzi human food, cooked meats and his favouite roast chicken,
but within days Ozzi wouldn't even take a morsel. Eileen and her family couldn't see him decline any further
and they gave him "the last act of kindness" they could and arranged for Ozzi to be put-to-sleep at home the next afternoon.
Uncannily, Ozzi was keen to go out for a walk that morning to his favourite woods and though growing weaker
he really enjoyed his special outing with the family.
Ozzi crossed Rainbow Bridge surrounded by his loving and distraught human family and Zak
on his Grandfather Nelson's 20th birthday - 19th November 2009.

Ozzi was a very special member of the Carpenter family and has left a huge void in their lives -
though Zak is doing his very best to comfort and amuse them all.

God Bless Ozzi - till we are all reunited again.

Ozzi's Photo Album

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