Tukela Cazulu at Sikulubani


25th. July 1994 - 16th. July 2004

Date of Birth: 25th July 1994
Sire: GB Ch. Shabani Kana
Dam: Tukela Sukari
H.S. 4 : 5
Breeders: Ms. Carina J. Dunn (TUKELA) & Mrs. Marjo Roberts

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2 Best of Breeds & several Green Star Bitch awards:-

(Kara did not enjoy the Show Scene and retired from the ring in 1997)
She enjoyed being 'auntie' to Zola's kids - Rifa & Kiya, and soon Grand Aunt
to Kiya's babies - teaching them manners !


Kara was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour, in her hind leg, in October 2001.
In January 2004 her tumour started to cause her serious illness and high temperatures.
This could no longer be controlled by antibiotics and homeopathy and her future health was in serious doubt.
With the full support of our vets and favourable results from detailed examinations and tests done
by the specialists, Kara underwent radical surgery to amputate her whole leg.
Two weeks on from her surgery Kara is an active, capable dog once again. She has no difficulties on any
type of surface, her love of food and life is back with a vengeance and the visible signs of strain on her face
have completely disappeared.
The operation itself took four and a half hours and she was in hospital for 4 days.
The pathology results confirmed the tumour was benign and her prognosis for the future - promising.
Kara is building up her leg strength day by day and can now manage a 20 minute walk or even the chase of a rabbit
in the fields. It is a joy to see her healthy again and so obviously loving life to the full once more.
Within an hour of her homecoming she had assumed her Alpha Bitch position and was relating her hospital stay
to the other 5 family members whether they wanted to hear or not!

Kara's home and with a healthy future ahead of her - we're overjoyed to have her back!

16th. July 2004

Kara passed away in her sleep, peacefully during the night.
She accompanied us on holidays to the UK, back to her home to see her breeders Marjo & Martin
just two weeks ago and was thoroughly spoiled. She visited all her old haunts where she played and investigated
as a very young puppy and despite her obvious disadvantage even managed a walk out into the woods
adjoining the nursery - and dragged me at a pace all the way home when she'd decided she had walked far enough.

Her unexpected crossing has taken us all with complete surprise and has left us in shock.

Our beautiful "Kara" - Tukela Cazulu - forever greatly loved and always missed !

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