The Rhodesian Ridgeback

What you should know about this breed.
The Rhodesian Ridgeback (or African Lion dog) is a hound, and when considering this
- or any other breed for that matter - you should do your research carefully.
So where do you start?
First, ask yourself a few questions... What am I looking for in a dog?
Do I have the necessary time?
Have I the space for a dog?
Can I afford the food and veterinary bills?
Responsible Ownership and the Legal requirements.

Start by contacting the Irish Kennel Club (or your local Kennel Club) and request
a telephone number for the Breed Club Secretary. When you phone
have your questions ready - and expect to be questioned also.

Next, you should visit some dog shows. Watch the dogs in action in and out of the show ring.
Once judging is over go and speak to the exhibitors about their dogs and the breed in general.
Arrange to visit as many Rhodesian Ridgebacks in their owner's homes, as possible.
Seeing a dog in it's home surroundings will give you a better idea of the characteristics,
temperament and specific requirements of the breed.

Respected Breeders will be active members of their breed Club.
They will adhere to the Code of Ethics and Rules of the Club and promote
"responsible ownership" and the Protection and Welfare of the breed.

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