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Teebeaux's Photo Album - 2

Teebeaux's mum writes

I brought Teebeaux to a charity dog show in aid of dogs for the disabled recently.
He really enjoyed it and came First in 'Dashing Dogs', Second in 'Hounds' and Third in 'Cuddliest pup'.
We were all delighted naturally.
He slept like a baby when we got home.

The Penguin - playtime with Robbie

The Terra Firma "Surfer"

this surfin' sport ain't all that its cracked up to be?

The Gardener

You know how it is... hot sunny Summer days and all you want to do is laze about...

... but its time to get off your butts and get stuck into some gardening...

lets start with a little planting... always buy a quality compost

check the contents thoroughly and fully read the instructions... next add some drainage crockery

select your plants with care.... mindful of type, colour, scent and suitability...

press in firmly, water gently then take time to view your arrangement...

that done... bugger off back to your favourite shady spot to admire your handiwork

relaxing with a tall glass of Pimms... Cheers!


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